Drukarnia - Auto Magnesy, Naklejki Magnetyczne

The magnetic stickers or also called car magnets they’re special magnitezed vinyls available in sizes of 0,4 and 0,7 mm, on which we apply full colour eco-solvent photo prints, laminate protected.

The magnetic stickers could help if you want to use your private car for business, but on weekend or after work you want to remove the sticker from you vehicle. It allows using the same vehicle for different aims (for ex. one week the same vehicle represent one brand and the next week another one).

Also, the magnetic vinyl could be as an application to stick the photo stickers on a fridge or other metallic surfaces.

We offer printing on magnetic vinyl from a 100cm width size roll (for ex. 300×100 cm) – other companies offer 60 cm roll.

New: we can make magnets up to 90×60 cm with our cutting plotter, for example 85×55 cm ellipses or circles with 55 cm in diameter!

The magnetic stickers are in the TOP 3 of our products – they amount for a considerable part of our production. Don’t order the magnets in reselling shops – our company is the direct producer!